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6 SEO Techniques That Will Down Your Google Rankings

Getting Poor Quality Guest Posts

It is okay to feature new writers on your site or publish content provided by other writers as long as they are original, relevant and helpful to your targeted audience. If not, it would be best not to publish them by any means.

Though publishing new content regularly may be a good SEO practice, it is important as well to maintain a balance between the content coming from your website and that being offered to your website in return for a link in the bio of the author.

Cloaking or Invisible Text

Hiding the real link destination, also known as cloaking, and showing pages with different versions to users and crawlers used to be commonly practiced but not anymore. Actually, using these techniques is not good at all.

You should be consistent with your pages and show only one version to search engine users and crawlers, as well as make sure that users can distinguish website content from ads.

Too Much Ads over the Fold

It is bad SEO for websites to have several ads that can be seen even without scrolling (over the fold), and Google is likely to punish this. When you see a sudden drop in traffic, you need to check if the page layout algorithm had an effect on your site.

All Kinds of Paid Links

It takes time to build a successful website/blog, and requires a lot of hard work and patience to come up with content as well as get valuable natural backlinks. If you would rather take shortcuts than doing what it’s right, you may be successful at the start but soon, this can result to failure.

Buying any kind of link is a bad practice, which will be discovered by Google in due time. This will surely cause you to lose your rankings and require you to exert more effort to accomplish something good online.

Stuffing of Keywords

Including the same keywords time and again to optimize your content and not because they are relevant and useful is also a very bad SEO practice.

It will not only discourage your visitors from reading your content and interacting, but it will also warn search engines that you intend to deceive them, and manipulate their algorithms.

It is enough to naturally include your keywords in the title, description, first paragraph and a number of times in the text.

Guest Posting to get Links

Just last year, many people claimed that guest posting was a surefire way to get back links to your site. It can probably do just, that but when done in am improper and cheap manner, it can harm your rankings.

It is okay to guest post on high quality websites relevant to your niche for the purpose of getting more exposure and recognition and not just to get a link.