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The New Concept of ASP.NET 5

ASP.NET 5 – is devoid of all .NET stack excesses for building modern web applications. It was built to provide optimized platform for developing applications that will be deployed in the cloud or working on their own servers. To support flexibility in building solutions, this platform consists of modular components with minimal overhead.

ASP.NET 5 includes the following features:

• A new flexible and cross-platform runtime
• The new modular conveyor for HTTP-requests
• Configuration ready to use in the cloud
• A unified programming model that combines the MVC, Web API and Web Pages
• Ability to see the changes without re-building the project
• Use multiple versions of .NET Framework side-by-side
• Ability to self-hosting or hosting on IIS
• New tools in Visual Studio 2015
• Open source code in GitHub
The changes that were made for ASP.NET 5 based on client requests and feedbacks. These changes simplify the development, hosting and maintenance and focus on modern web applications.

Why ASP.NET has been redesigned?

The need for a flexible cross-platform runtime

In the past, .NET Framework was used as a single, comprehensive installation. In each new release of .NET, new features were added, but the old rarely removed, so the size of the framework constantly grew. This approach ensures that the machine with installed .NET can support any type of .NET application, but it does mean that each application has dependency on the functionality that is not actually used.
If a critical update is necessary for one of the technologies in .NET, you receive a notification that an important update is available, even if this part is not being used by your .NET applications. You must decide whether to install this update and terminate the application or ignore the update, in the hope that the update is not really necessary.

ASP.NET 5 gives greater flexibility, providing ability to work in three versions runtime:

1. Full .NET CLR

Full .NET CLR – runtime default for projects in Visual Studio. It provides a full set of API and is the best choice for backward compatibility.

2. Core CLR (optimized for the cloud runtime, cloud-optimized runtime)

Core CLR – runtime for projects ASP.NET 5. It is relieved of all superfluous and is completely modular. This was converted to the CLR component model and it is possible to include only those functions that are needed in your application now. You simply add components as NuGet packages. Finally, your application depends on the required functions. In this approach, the development of the runtime, updates can be delivered faster, because each component is updated on its own schedule. Core CLR takes about 11 megabytes instead of 200 MB for the full version of .NET CLR. Core CLR can be deployed directly to application, and Core CLR can run side by side.

3. Cross-platform, the CLR

Cross-platform runtime environment for Linux and Mac OS X will be released. This environment will allow the runtime to develop and run .NET-applications on Mac and Linux devices.

Hosting anywhere

ASP.NET 5 allows you to place your application on IIS or during self hosting. When you use the Core CLR, you can deploy the application with all dependencies collected in the deployment package. Thus, the application and its dependencies are fully autonomous and do not depend on the .NET installation on your system. The application can run on any type of device or hosting platform. This new feature gives you a lot of freedom.

Usage of different .NET versions side by side

When the application on the server depends on one system-wide installation of .NET Framework, all applications run on the same version of .NET. This situation creates some concern when you consider+++ upgrading to a new version of the .NET Framework. Perhaps you want to update, some of your applications using the latest version of .NET, but you are not sure that all of your old applications will work properly with the new version.
Fortunately, ASP.NET 5 fixes this problem. To run the application with different versions side by side, you must select a target object (target) Core CLR for them.

Simplify management of dependencies

ASP.NET 5 introduces a new, easy way to manage dependencies in your projects. You do not need to add references of the assemblies in the project, instead you manage dependencies, referring to NuGet packages. You can add packages using NuGet NuGet package manager, or you can edit JSON (project.json), which lists NuGet packages and versions used in your project. To add more dependencies, you simply write the name and version number NuGet package file project.json.
In Visual Studio 2015 IntelliSense helps find available NuGet packages. Project.json file includes only NuGet packages that were directly added to the project. If we add NuGet package, which depends on other packages, depending on these secondary load, but not listed in the file project.json. This approach allows you to save the file project.json not cluttered and easy managable.
Thanks to JSON format you can easily manage dependencies, even if there is no established Visual Studio. You can open the file project.json in any text editor and make changes, for example, to update depending on application deployed in the cloud.

Eliminating duplication in MVC, Web API and Web Pages

In the past, MVC, Web API and Web Pages contain different implementations of similar functionality. For example, MVC and Web API provide routing, but the classes are located in the MVC routing namespace System.Web.Mvc.Routing, and similar classes of Web API are located in System.Web.Http.Routing. Or Web Pages and MVC use the syntax Razor, but some NuGet packages are compatible with only one or the other implementation.
In ASP.NET 5, MVC, Web API and web pages will be merged into a single framework called MVC 6. The merger removes duplication of the framework and makes application development easier. You do not need to write code in a slightly different depending on whether the MVC, Web API or Web Pages.
In this pre-release version, MVC and Web API were merged into MVC 6. Web Pages will be added in MVC 6 in a later version.

Improved performance HTTP

ASP.NET 5 introduces new software pipeline for HTTP-requests, which spared from all the excess. This conveyor is a modular, add only those components that are needed. Application will have more bandwidth by reducing overheads. The new pipeline also supports Owin.

Ready to use in the cloud

When you create a new ASP.NET 5 project, this project is structured for easy deployment in the cloud. Visual Studio 2015 provides a new system configuration environment that replaces the file Web.config. The new system allows you to query named values from different sources (eg, JSON, XML or environment variables). You specify values for each environment, and deploying your application just after reading the correct values.

Integration of dependency injection

Dependency injection is built into ASP.NET 5. You can use your IoC-container register dependencies. The dependence of the injection facilitates the provision of regular services for the usage environment. For more information, see Dependecy Injection in ASP.NET vNext.

Open source code and transparency

All code for ASP.NET 5 available on GitHub. You can see exactly what changes were made and when they were made. You can download the code and provide changes.

Provide a flexible development environment

Visual Studio 2015 offers a lightweight approach to developing ASP.NET applications. You just make changes to the code, save the changes and refresh the page in a browser. You will see changes in the browser without re-building the project.

You can change the code of your web design or code class library that is referenced by the project. You can run (CTRL + F5) project and not be in debug mode to see the changes.

Visual Studio uses the compiler Roslyn for dynamic compilation. You still have access to all the power of the compiled framework, but the development of a feeling of using an interpreted language.
Each function in the GUI Visual Studio operation corresponds to the command line. You can easily switch between using the interface and scripting the command line.

Finally, you can use other code editors for projects in ASP.NET 5.

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