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What is phpopenchat v3.0.2 ?

linux-dedicated-serverPHPOpenChat is a high performance php-based chat server software for a live chat-room or -module on every php-based site. The first version has been developed for a live-chat-subproject of the main german education portal (DBS) called “SchulWeb”. The PHPOpenChat have had to manage alot of users, around 100-150 concurrent chatters, the most behind firewalls and in front of old computers. Based on this experiences, we developed the version 3 of our free chat-server completely new from scratch.

At this time you can integrate this chat software into postnuke, phpbb, yabbse, etc. as a module.

The new version of PHPOpenChat was developed from scratch in the last 12 month. During the software conception the following points were most significant: separation of code and design // object oriented // database independent // multi language support.

In comparison with the old version 2.x there the following new features:

  • The message exchange is implemented as a ring buffer in shared memory if possible (Unix/Linux). Therefore high throughput and minimal system load are assured even at a high number of concurrent users.
  • Powerful user interface using valid XHTML according to the Accessablility Guidelines from the W3C.
  • Usable as PostNuke-Module, PHPNuke-Module, phpBB-Module, YabbSE-Module, vBulletin-Module, vkpMX-Module or PHPKit-Module
  • chat in a separate window
  • guestbook

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