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BIG SALE Up to 35% , Best PrestaShop v1.7.1.0 Hosting in UK

On the market, there are tens of thousands of PrestaShop v1.7.1.0 Hosting plans, making it difficult for many webmasters to choose a reliable and quality one. Recently, we also have received a great number of emails from our readers asking us to select the best PrestaShop v1.7.1.0 Hosting package for them. To provide them with the best options, we have reviewed 100+ web hosts from price, feature, management, performance and customer service.

What’s more, we have browsed a pile of reviews from real customers on the web. Combining our in-depth review and the information we collected, we found that ASPHostDirectory is the best options in United Kingdom, each of which is highly recommended by numerous ASP.NET users and offers quality hosting services.

ASPHostDirectory is one of the cost effective PrestaShop v1.7.1.0 Hosting in UK. We really recommend their business for small/personal website. They have in this business for almost 7 years and they keep moving forward to give the best PrestaShop v1.7.1.0 Hosting service for their customers. They provide the most affordable and practical PrestaShop v1.7.1.0 Hosting for webmasters. And the fact proves that they are gaining more and more attention of competitors and webmasters.

Best PrestaShop v1.7.1.0 Hosting in UK

– Back Office:
– New feature:
– #7529: Product module page
– #7508: Mail in-transit improvement (webservice, markup)
– #7491: Allow to exclude tax and shipping in affiliation sales total
– #7287: Add counter to the inputs
– #6906: Implement “Update all” modules feature
– Improvement:
– #7576: Remove useless meta_title
– #7573: Two wordings on the module tab of the product page
– #7551: Restore compiled assets
– #7516: Check if hook exists before get hook module exec list
– #7439: Header BO responsive (legacy part)
– #7497: Display shipping max. refundable amount in order partial refund form
– #7206: Update wording form.html.twig
– #7435: Remove initForm* from old product controller
– #7467: Update comment for jQuery migrate
– #7256: Add notifications counter
– #7421: Remove useless isset
– #7405: Domains tree on translations page now on more than 2 levels
– #7373: Add a new hook on dashboard
– #7364: Sort products in descending order
– #7315: Fix integration issues with translation page
– #7352: Reduce width of brand select input
– #7320: Only display the module you want to translate
– #7254: Add redirect to category for product not available
– #6712: Rename the productDisplayButtons hook to productDisplayAdditionalInfo
– #7308: Add version to help api feedback
– #7280: Change locales json
– #7175: Test admin controllers
– #7025: Add translation domains to Adv. param controllers 2
– #7238: Harmonize wording cms.xml tab.xml
– #6990: Change Stores controller option from ‘Status’ to ‘Active’
– #7100: Add some more translation domains to controllers
– #7230: Change PS color for tinymce
– #7188: Add text format selector to TinyMCE
– #6743: Implement optionnal but specific action to display on module page
– #7015: Set new product cover when current is deleted
– #7098: Removed sensor parameter from Google Maps JS API
– #6776: Do not display empty module categories
– #3915: Removed _includeContainer ; never more used


ASPHostDirectory has 5 affordable shared PrestaShop v1.7.1.0 Hosting plan, named Lite, Starter, Economy, Developer, and Enterprise. All of this plans are designed for developers and beginner. If you are developer, then Developer plan is the ideal choice for you. If you are new or beginner on hosting services, then you can start from their Starter plan. The powerful plan named Enterprise is designed for business owners who run high traffic websites and desire performance of websites.

The five plans are rated at £1.94/mo, £3.89/mo, £5.84/mo and £11.04/mo respectively. This is very attracting price, we have monitored so many UK PrestaShop v1.7.1.0 Hosting provider, but can’t find any hosting provider that offer such a low cost.

Why Are They the Best?

ASPHostDirectory utilizes state-of-the-art data centres in UK. With the usage of the latest technologies and the support of robust facilities and infrastructures, its data centres are the powerful guarantee for the good performance of ASPHostDirectory hosting. In addition to the high performance, each of ASPHostDirectory data center is equipped with 24×7 armed security, ensuring customers are able to run websites securely. Besides, ASPHostDirectory offers shared SSL to guarantee the security of customers’ data. In addition, SSH is offered to ensure the security of remote management. In this way, ASP.NET users’ blogs are highly secured.

Our monitoring team has hosted websites on ASPHostDirectory in past months and collected relevant statistics during test period. The result shows that ASPHostDirectory performs surprisingly well both in speed and stability. The average response time of its servers is within 300 ms. The company constantly invests on facilities so now even at traffic peaks the loading speed of websites is at the top level.

ASPHostDirectory Technical Support

ASPHostDirectory has a professional in-house support team that consists of professionals in hosting industry. Whenever in need. customers can reach these staffs within the shortest possible time via email and ticketing system. Usually, customers can get responses within 15-30 minutes

Moreover, the knowledgebase of ASPHostDirectory is helpful. It includes a large number of frequently asked questions, which saves time and energy for both customers and their staffs. Also, ASPHostDirectory blog presents many tutorials to help customers solve problems from the installation to management and more.

High Performance PrestaShop v1.7.1.0 Hosting – ASPHostDirectory

We would highly recommend ASPHostDirectory if you’re looking for cost effective PrestaShop v1.7.1.0 Hosting solution in UK. Based on our analysis above (pricing, features, performance, reliability, and technical support), we have strong confidence to recommend ASPHostDirectory.