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7 Long-Term Techniques to Boost Your Google Rank

Search engines keep twisting the criteria of determining the ranking of web pages. SEO experts change their strategies following the behavior of search engine algorithms.

However, there are some practices which pay off in the long run no matter the policies of search engines. 7 of the best SEO practices which help improve organic search listing are:

1. Create content wisely

Writing content for a website is quite different from writing content for a book. Websites require highly engaging, keywords-enriched, and viral content which compels visitors to share generously.

That is how you can attract bulk of traffic to your website. Search engines pay considerable attention to viral content. In this era of digital marketing, content is everything.

2. Pay close attention to keywords selection

The right use of appropriate keywords cannot be ignored. You have to optimize your website for every possible keyword that your customers might use while searching for your products and services.

It is not about merely searching and using key terms. Considering variation and intensity of competition for a keyword is of great significance.

3. Write enticing meta descriptions

Meta description is a short introduction to a web page which Google use to display under the page title. It must not be more than 160 characters.

People read the description and decide whether or not a web page is worth visiting. Meta description also includes important keywords.

4. Page title must be optimized

Page title explains what a web page is all about. It contains 70 or fewer characters including targeted keywords, preferably in first few words. You can also mention the name of your business in the last few words

5. Say No to unethical SEO practices

Unethical SEO is a short-term solution to improve the ranking of a website. Professional SEO experts do not rely on unethical techniques as it can tarnish the repute of a website.

Search engines are smarter than ever. Tricking search engines can be highly risky. Therefore, stay away from bad practices.

6. Analyse your efforts

It is important to analyze the results your efforts yield. Make a comparative analysis and determine which SEO technique gives you more leads.

There are a number of tools which provide important information in terms of data and help you track your traffic trends.

7. Do not undermine the role of social media

Social media is a good place to engage customers and get their feedback. Create pages on social channels such as Facebook and Gmail. Social media has become an important part of website optimization.

It is highly recommended to follow fair and long-term SEO techniques. Search engines like fresh content. Do not lose the competition. Let your website contribute to your success.