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6 Things that Make Linux Hosting to Be More Popular Today

Today, there is any business which would operate successfully and effectively without the existence of a server. However because of the costliness of a server, web hosting plans become the favorite choice for many business users of today. There are a lot of hosting plans which are available today, ranging from dedicated server hosting, shared server hosting, collated server hosting and many more. However the two most popular types of web hosting plans today is either the Windows based server or the Linux-based server to best satisfy the needs of online users needs.

However Linux is more suitable for small to medium sized online businesses, and it had become the favorite for small online business owners today due to some of the below significance,

Linux-based servers are very much cheaper than its Windows counterpart

Despite of low cost, the quality of their hosting plan and services is at par with the rest of their competitors, that is the key reason why Linux hosting had become such a favorite hosting option among many small and medium online businesses today.

Feasible and easy to be used

As it comes with an open source code and its high compatibility, it is feasible and easy to be used by the programmers and developers all around the world to develop lots of wonderful programs, applications, and tools which can be run on the Linux system. This solution had facilitated the installation of new tools, software, applications and features to be installed on this Linux-based website without any issue. This had enabled many new and useful functionalities and features to be created to the best benefits of the web users.

Free of charge

Due to its open-source nature, it is free of charge. Anyone is welcome to use Linux for their applications or systems used. This is a huge saving for a lot of developers, especially those who are fresh from colleges and Universities who are fond of Linux because of its high flexibility and low cost.

High compatibility to different types of scripting languages

Another point to note is the eligibility of Linux hosting to be used in more systems and programs because of its high compatibility to different types of scripting languages. There are a lot of different scripting languages which had been used by many web users on the internet today. With its out-standing feasibility to be able to run on different types of scripting languages, it is less rigid to be used as compared to Windows-based web hosting.

Durability and stability

Durability and stability is another worth-mentioning strength of Linux web hosting server because it is less likely to crash as compared to the Windows web hosting server. From the surveys carried out by multiple web hosting specialists and reviewers, Linux web servers hardly crash and caused downtime to their web users unexpectedly and because of that, it had easily won the heart of many loyal web host users.

Able to get upgraded

With Linux hosting, one is able to get upgraded with additional bandwidth, disk space, data speed with great ease whenever the needs arises for your website.

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