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Which are the best? Custom or template websites?

Most people know they need a website in order to publicise and promote their business but very few people know what they want in their website. Fewer still are those who can actually sit down and plan their websites well.

If you don’t plan ahead, problems will crop up later.


For example, who is going to take care of the website? What are the costs involved? Will you have the time to maintain it or should you hire a webmaster? What the way you want to create your site, with custom or template?

Sometimes people can be easily confused about the difference between a custom or template websites. We believe that custom designed sites offer a significant value to you for a number of reasons, including easier user-management, greater flexibility and more features available for integration. Here are just a few of the top reasons why you should choose a custom-build over a template.


You get exactly what you want

When you meet with a developer for a custom website, you’ll sit down and discuss all of your needs, which the developer will take into account when they create the custom designs for you to choose from. Peoples will often like elements of multiple designs, which will combine when creating the final layout. With a template website, you’ll also likely have a few design options, but you might not be able to take an element from one option and apply it to another because of the constraints of the template.

You might encounter a similar problem if you identify new features you’d like to incorporate during the development process. Developer understand that your needs and ideas for your website might change during the process and a custom website allows that flexibility. When you choose a custom-built site, you don’t need to worry; any feature you want, you can get!

No one will have the same website as you

The same template can be used for many websites, which means your business’s site may end up looking like a lot of other businesses’ sites.

When your website is created custom for you, it’s just that – custom! You’ll never see another company with an identical design, which is so important because your website should be just as unique as you are.

You have more control

With a template website, your ability to manage various options can be more limited. You will be able to make certain changes, but not all that you may want over time.

In comparison, a custom website will often allow much greater flexibility in managing customizable features. This can include backgrounds, images, styling, formatting and more, giving you greater control over the appearance of your website.

Your website will suit your needs longer

Over time, you might identify new features and functionalities you want to add to your site so that it continues to meet your needs. With a custom site, it’s much easier to make updates and small revamps as your needs change compared to a template site that might not have the flexibility to allow the changes you want.

A website is a significant investment and one of the most important marketing pieces your business has. You’ll want to ensure you’re making a good investment and that means getting a website that will last and adapt as your business changes.