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nopCommerce is a universal eCommerce platform fitting every merchant’s needs: it powers both corporate and small business sites all over the world, companies selling physical and digital goods. nopCommerce is a transparent and well-structured solution, it combines best features of open-source and commercial software.

In this version, our development efforts were focused mainly on moving nopCommerce to ASP.NET Core 2.0, performance and architecture improvements, but also we have made some further enhancements and bug fixing. You can find the full release notes here.

Highlight features

  • Re-designed admin area. A lot of UI/UX enhancements in admin area
  • Significant performance enhancements
  • nopCommerce can be run on Linux now
  • Docker support


  • Upgraded to ASP.NET Core 2.2 and EF Core 2.2
  • Performance. HTML minification
  • Performance. Significant performance improvement by upgrading to EF Core 2.2 because the previous version of EF had a critical performance issue
  • Performance. Faster processing of large catalogs (do not load product attributes for products without attributes)
  • Performance. Faster processing of pictures stored in Windows Azure
  • Performance. Faster discount calculation
  • Performance. Faster generation of bundled and minified JS and CSS files
  • Performance. Redis works much faster now
  • Performance. Moved jQuery library to the footer (actually all js libraries now)
  • Performance. Improved performance of “IsCrawler” method used to detect search engines
  • Performance. Cache is cleared much faster now
  • New plugin architecture. Do not load uninstalled plugins in memory. Allow to uninstall/install multiple plugins at the same time
  • Added Avalara tax plugin out of the box
  • Security. Prevent a credit card bruteforce
  • GDPR user change history
  • We moved away from outdated KendoUI Grid to DataTables library
  • Added localizations for relative dates (previously they were hard-coded)
  • Added “Use response compression” setting to UI
  • Notificate customers when discount coupon code is applied using URL
  • Allow a store owner to configure password strength
  • Added a setting indicating whether we should apply additional shipping charge for pickup in store
  • Added backward compatibility routes for product tags
  • Added alternate language pages to sitemap.xml
  • Added favicon support for other devices (e.g. iOS Safari, Android Chrome, Windows 8 and 10,Mac OS X El Capitan Safari)
  • Allow to upload favicon in admin area
  • “Default value” of checkout and product attributes is localizable now
  • “Custom text” of specification attributes is localizable now
  • Added meta property “og:image:url” (file sharing in social networks)
  • Updated breadcrumbs structure according to the latest schema changing
  • Do not store “clean” passwords for external authentication systems
  • Update PayPal Standard plugin config instruction
  • Update Facebook plugin config instruction
  • Allow filtering by warehouse for the order list report
  • Added warning when trying to impersonate inactive customers
  • Added QualPay and SendInBlue plugins
  • Removed WorldPay plugin
  • Updated Square plugin to use the new “renew token” API
  • Admin area. Add a link to the warnings page from the dashboard
  • Added reCAPTCHA to the “forgot password” page
  • Support for multiple reCAPTCHAs on one page
  • Return 404 page when a topic, blog post, news item cannot be loaded
  • Increased max length of the settings
  • Filtering support for the “shopping carts and wishlist” page (admin area)
  • Remove Google+ page URL from social media (Google dropped its support)
  • Added ada tags to assist screen readers
  • Added possibility to use specific redis database
  • Added additionally check ManageAcl permission when managing customer roles
  • Performance. Allow to load top menu using AJAX (disabled by default)
  • Developers. Added Redis and AzureBlobStorage Enabled settings to SystemInfo admin widget
  • Developers. Continuous Integration. Added support of Travis CI (
  • Developers. Support schema other than DBO (databases)
  • Developers. Refactoring of admin mapping configuration
  • Developers. Added application root path for use in JavaScript
  • Developers. Added more widget zones
  • Developers. Added event handler on document when pressing Enter
  • Developers. Use IHttpClientFactory to create HttpClients (performance)
  • Developers. Less source code duplication
  • Developers. A lot of source code refactoring
  • Developers. Updated third-party libraries to the latest version
  • Developers. Added attribute “placeholder” in nop-editor tag helper
  • Developers. Added instructions for changing type datetime to type datetime2 in the database
  • Developers. Changed file extension from .txt to .csv when exporting

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A host usually offers several hosting plans at different levels of need. The basic plan usually costs the least. Determine how much storage you will need for your web files. If you plan to upload a lot of images, or if you choose post a video, you will need enough storage for your files.


Think about how much traffic your website receives, and what kinds of files need to load on the web page. All the bytes transferred back and forth add up to your total data transfer. If you have a lot of traffic going through your website, you may need a high data transfer limit, or better yet, no limit. Ask your web host what operating system they use to run their server. Usually, it is either UNIX or Windows. A Unix-based plan is usually cheaper than Windows because running a Windows server costs the hosting company more. The additional cost is passed to you.

Available Features On Control Panel

This is the interface that you will use to manage your account and domain. You can install popular applications with just one click. Find out how to back up and restore your files. A control panel with an easy-to-use interface makes it easier for you to manage your website. If you need a secure server to host an online store, ask about its availability. This feature may only be offered at a higher tier because a secure server requires addition maintenance on the host’s part.

Sometimes your website may need to run various scripts. Find out if your hosting plan supports the type of script that you want run. Beware of plans that have many restrictions because that may limit your ability to expand and improve in the future.

Have Own Servers Tech Support Staff in-house

Some hosts are actually just resellers of leased server space, so they really do not own any equipment. Having the equipment and staff in-house has advantages. For one thing, your host is more in control of troubleshooting when a problem arises. If the equipment is actually located far away, it may take longer for technical problems to be resolved.

Consider these points when you are evaluating web hosts. Take your time with your evaluation. Your web host is your business partner in managing your website. So, find one that is affordable, dependable, trustworthy and responsive. A good web host can grow with your business for many years to come.