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Reliable PrestaShop Hosting

PrestaShop is an open source eCommerce solution. It comes with a variety of tools necessary for building a successful online shop. To create an online store with PrestaShop you need reliable web hosting services.

What is New in PrestaShop v1.6.1.6 Hosting?

Here are some of the most notable changes that this version brings:

  • FO: Cart Rules have an improved customer display, with much more useful information.
  • BO: All carriers are now displayed in the Dashboard.
  • Core: Fixed “Uncaught exception ‘PrestaShopException’ with message ‘Property StockAvailable->id_product_attribute is empty”.
  • WS: Compatibility fox for PHP 5.2, 5.3 and 7.0.
  • PDF: Pagination is now implemented for all PDF types.
  • Tests: Fix for PHP7.
  • Several smaller fixes.

The PrestaShop changelog is available.

Since version is a “patch” update to version, upgrading from that version will be as smooth as silk for everyone: features will work better, and modules & themes which worked fine on will work just as well with


Fixed bugs:
[-] BO : (2e3d0f6) fixed bug when no results with address and map does not exist
[-] BO : (2d30765) add user shop origin in autocomplete cart rule
[-] BO : (d207083) fixed bug parent tab list wont show if admin tab class is invalid.
[-] BO : (052208b) fixed bug when toggle status product not logged

[-] FO : (c0ee6b7) Fix CSS 404 when using subdirectory
[-] FO : (e4a7b70) Only display vouchers available ‘only’ for customers
[-] FO : (e4e2b61) smartyHook now returns empty string when module is not installed.
[-] FO : (b2f9338) #PSCSX-5582 fix wrong displayed specific price on product detail
[-] FO : (44c1b4e) Display only available vouchers in customer back office
[-] FO : (c736160) on user bo, display all discount values

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