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PrestaShop is an open source eCommerce solution. It comes with a variety of tools necessary for building a successful online shop. To create an online store with PrestaShop you need reliable web hosting services. PrestaShop is now available. This maintenance release has seen 20 pull requests since version

What is New in PrestaShop v1.6.1.8 Hosting?

Fixed bugs:

BO: Fix sample csv customer file
BO: Fix multilang link rewrite import
BO: Align <select> also in table
BO: Automatically fill link_rewrite on new CMS category page
BO: Prevent default category to be reset when already defined during import
BO: Fix missing translations count on AdminTranslations
BO: Fix duplicate rows in product listing
BO: Fix partial refund cart rules tax method
BO: Fix translations match regular expression in AdminTranslationsController
BO: Take order state unremovable flag into account
BO: Fix admin tabs saving
BO: Fix filtering on state in monitoring

CO: Fix Db PDO getBestEngine
CO: Remove index.php in upload folder
CO: Fix isAllProductsInStock calculation
CO: Fix feature update parent call
CO: Fix processing large messages from IMAP
CO: Fix advanced stock manager that prevented admin from removing stock quantity
CO: Do not overwrite mail files when installing new language

While they were packing version for QA testing two weeks ago, version 54 of the Google Chrome browser was released. This is a significant update of this major browser, because it removes the ability to make synchronous XMLHttpRequest calls – a method which is used in PrestaShop 1.5 & 1.6’s Product Creation page.

In effect, this makes it impossible to create or edit a product in all versions of PrestaShop 1.5 and 1.6. While this problematic behavior is not a bug from PrestaShop but a design decision from the W3C/WHATWG standards bodies (applied by browser vendors after time of deprecation), all PrestaShop merchants might witness issues once the Chrome browser auto-updates to its latest version.

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