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Looking for The Best Prestashop v1.7.0.6 Hosting in Australia?

Finding Cheap & Best Prestashop v1.7.0.6 Hosting in Australia is essential, because once you have designed and made a good company website, getting it live and keeping it live on the internet are hugely important to making it a successful website. When choosing a website hosting company, do not just go for the company which offers the lowest price, because this company may not necessarily be offering you the best value for money. We have compared 40+ Prestashop v1.7.0.6 Hosting provider in Australia, to present reliable and the cheapest one for you.

PrestaShop is now available. This maintenance release closes 5 pull requests, among which a security issue. While this is not your regular, 15/20-pull-requests monthly patch release, is an important upgrade nonetheless.

– Bug fix:
– #7605: Change CLDR url
– #7583: Fix some composer versions

– Bug fix:
– #7626: Modification permissions on Product Catalog and Module
– #7628: Permissions on Module import
– #7634: Hotfix for module notifications page

Fixing a security issue

Last week, our security team encountered a security issue in PrestaShop allowing a person with access to the back office to upload modules. This issue mainly concerns Addons contributors with back-office demos.  Our team acted swiftly, deleting back-office demos from PrestaShop Addons as a first security measure. We felt it was important to protect our community while we worked out a fix. Version contains the needed fixes to secure our Addons contributors. The importance of this fix explains why this release has so few changes otherwise.

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4 Tips Before Choosing Prestashop v1.7.0.6 Hosting Provider

Before you hand over your money to a web host, it’s important to decide what expectations you have for your website or blog, and then to make sure the provider you’re considering can meet or exceed your needs at a price you can afford.

Disk Space

One important factor to consider is the amount of storage space and bandwidth the hosting company offers. For most blogs and business websites, these numbers aren’t crucial; the basic packages sold by most companies have more than enough space available. However, if you are planning to include large amounts of audio and video content, or feature many high-resolution images, bandwidth and storage space become a concern. You may need to purchase a premium package that allows more than 3 gigabytes of storage space and higher than normal bandwidth.

Number of Domains Hosted

Another vital consideration is the number of domain names the web host will allow. Again, for many personal or professional blogs or small business sites, multiple domain names probably won’t be a concern. But for larger business sites or those businesses that plan on developing a major web presence, having more than one domain name can be a real asset. Those individuals or companies will want to make sure that the web host they’re doing business with will be able to support the expansion of their business by offering hosting of extra domain names.

Email Options

You may also want to think about whether or not you want your hosting package to include multiple email accounts. Many people falsely believe they’ll never have a need for more than one or two email addresses, only to find themselves expanding their business and not having enough email accounts to accommodate their increasing staff. If you’re starting a business website, and you think there’s even a slight chance your business may grow in the future, having a hosting package that offers multiple or unlimited email addresses can save you some hassle.

Technical Support

The availability of tech support for you website is also a vital thing to consider when choosing web hosting. The hosting company should ideally offer some sort of 24-hour technical support, otherwise you run the risk of having your site go down and no one being available to help you restore it. Most web hosts offer tech support through a mix of phone help and live chat. If you’re relatively inexperienced with the ins and outs of web hosting, making sure your host offers 24-hour phone support is one of the smartest moves you can make.