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ASP.NET Core Tutorial: SOAP Web Service in .NET Core

In this article, I’ll show you how to construct SOAP APIs in.NET Core, specifically.NET 6. Let’s begin by making a new project in Visual Studio.

Choose one of the following ASP.NET Core Web App or ASP.NET Core Web App (Model-View-Controller).

2. Choose ASP.NET Core Web App and create a project.

3. Create Business Logic Folder in Project.

4. Create a Service/Interface in that folder for SOAP APIs.

5. Add/Install SoapCore NuGet package from NuGet Package Manager.

6. Add the below code in your SoapService.

using System.ServiceModel;

namespace SoapInNetCore.BusinessLogic
    public interface ISoapService
        string Sum(int num1,int num2);

    public class SoapService : ISoapService
        public string Sum(int num1, int num2)
            return $"Sum of two number is: {num1+ num2}";


7. Now, we have to register the dependency and route of that service in the Program.cs class.

In the provided code snippet, I’ve registered the SoapService dependency and configured the endpoint for SoapService.

using SoapCore;
using SoapInNetCore.BusinessLogic;

var builder = WebApplication.CreateBuilder(args);

builder.Services.AddScoped<ISoapService, SoapService>();

var app = builder.Build();


app.UseEndpoints(endpoints =>
    endpoints.UseSoapEndpoint<ISoapService>("/Service.asmx", new SoapEncoderOptions(), SoapSerializer.XmlSerializer);


8. Now run the project and redirect to the endpoint /Service.asmx.

To consume SOAP service in .NET

1. Add service reference in Client Project and choose WCF Web Service.

2. Now, in the URL, place your SOAP Service URL and click on the Go Button to check service has been exposed. As we can see that we have one endpoint called Sum, which we can consume in our client project.

Click on the Next button, and finish the setup.

As you can see above, SS Service Reference has successfully been added.

Now, proceed to include the following line of code in the section where you want to consume this service.

ISoapService soapServiceChannel = new SoapServiceClient(SoapServiceClient.EndpointConfiguration.BasicHttpBinding_ISoapService_soap);
var sumResponse = await soapServiceChannel.SumAsync(new SumRequest()
    Body = new SumRequestBody()
        num1 = 2,
        num2 = 3

You can also consume this service from Postman.

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